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DRIVE BELT MP3 500ie Mitsuboshi RAWEDGE

FreePost DRIVE BELT MP3 500ie Mitsuboshi RAWEDGE
Views: 1368 Brand: MITSUBOSHI
Product Code: DR0001
Availability: 4 - 7 Days
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DRIVE BELT MP3 500ie Mitsuboshi RAWEDGE  High-quality Mitsuboshi drive belt for high performance engines and compact drive systems. Reinforced side walls for better power transfer and the materials make it more oil-resistant and heat resistant . Fitted from new as standard from the japanese manufacturers in all of their higher power scooters .

Replaces OEM part number: 8560188 / 832738 / 41701100 . Belt Dimensions: 1038*28.2


Aprilia-Atlantic 400ie Sprint Arrecife 05- ZD4VLB
Aprilia-Atlantic 500ie Sprint Arrecife 05- ZD4VL
Aprilia-Scarabeo 400ie 06- ZD4VRA00
Aprilia-Scarabeo 400ie Light 06- ZD4VRA00
Aprilia-Scarabeo 500ie -06 ZD4RT
Aprilia-Scarabeo 500ie Light 06-08 ZD4VR0
Aprilia-Scarabeo 500ie Light 06-08 ZD4VRC

Aprilia-Scarabeo 500ie Light 06-08 ZD4VRE


Gilera-Fuoco 500ie LT ZAPM831
Gilera-Fuoco 500ie ZAPM611
Gilera-Nexus 500ie -06 ZAPM351  VR 25X17 21,5gr/8
Gilera-Nexus 500ie 07- ZAPM352
Gilera-Nexus 500ie SP ZAPM352


Malaguti-Spidermax GT 500ie 7101B271

Peugeot-Geopolis 400ie City VGAN2AEAA
Peugeot-Geopolis 400ie Evolution Urban VGAN2AEAA
Peugeot-Geopolis 400ie Executive VGAN2AEAA
Peugeot-Geopolis 400ie Premium VGAN2AEAA
Peugeot-Geopolis 400ie RS Premium VGAN2AEAA
Peugeot-Geopolis 500ie Premium VGAN2AFFA
Peugeot-Satelis 400ie City VGAJ2AEAA
Peugeot-Satelis 400ie Evolution Urban VGAJ2AEAA
Peugeot-Satelis 400ie Executive VGAJ2AEAA
Peugeot-Satelis 400ie Premium VGAJ2AEAA
Peugeot-Satelis 400ie RS VGAJ2AEAA
Peugeot-Satelis 500ie City VGAJ2AFAA
Peugeot-Satelis 500ie Evolution Urban VGAJ2AFAA
Peugeot-Satelis 500ie Executive VGAJ2AFAA
Peugeot-Satelis 500ie Premium VGAJ2AFAA
Peugeot-Satelis 500ie RS VGAJ2AFAA


Piaggio-Beverly 400ie Tourer ZAPM344

Piaggio-Beverly 400ie ZAPM343   VR  25X17 16,0gr/8
Piaggio-Beverly 500ie -05 ZAPM341
Piaggio-Beverly 500ie 06-08 ZAPM342  VR 25X17 21,5gr/8
Piaggio-MP3 400ie LT Sport ZAPM642
Piaggio-MP3 400ie LT Touring ZAPM642
Piaggio-MP3 400ie LT ZAPM642
Piaggio-MP3 400ie MIC ZAPM591
Piaggio-MP3 400ie RL Touring ZAPM591
Piaggio-MP3 400ie ZAPM591
Piaggio-MP3 500ie LT Business ZAPM643
Piaggio-MP3 500ie LT Business ZAPM861
Piaggio-MP3 500ie LT Sport ZAPM643
Piaggio-MP3 500ie LT Sport ZAPM861
Piaggio-MP3 500ie LT ZAPM643
Piaggio-MP3 500ie RL ZAPM592
Piaggio-X10 500ie Executive ZAPM763
Piaggio-X10 500ie ZAPM763
Piaggio-X8 400ie ZAPM521
Piaggio-X9 500ie Evo 04-05 ZAPM270
Piaggio-X9 500ie Evo ABS 04-05 ZAPM270
Piaggio-X9 500ie Evo ABS 06-07 ZAPM270
Piaggio-X9 500ie Street 06-07 ZAPM270

Piaggio-X Evo 400ie ZAPM521



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