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FreePost BRAKE PADS CBR1100 Blackbird  FRONT REAR
Views: 691 Brand: GP RACE PADS
Product Code: BP0029
Availability: Preorder
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Brake Pads CBR1100 Blackbird 97-08 FRONT REAR GP RACE semi-metallic pad range contains a significant copper content for enhanced life and will outperform and outlast many low cost sintered pads from our competitors.

 Excellent full “hard-stop” braking performance with smooth, progressive and controlled high-speed lever response . Specially designed different compounds to suit any bike in any condition .1 Set

115.60 x 41 x 8.30mm (& shim) Linked Brake - fit all three sets at pad change . EBC  FA261  Ferodo FDB2073  SBS 721/722735/880  Vesrah VD165

Fit to the following models:  

FJS 400 D6/D7/D8 06-08 F
FJS400 A9/D9 09 F
FJS 600 1/2/D3/D4/D5/D6/A3-A7/D7 Silverwing 01-09 F
NT 650 V2/V3/V4/V5 02-05 F&R
NT700 V6/VA6/VA7/V7/VA8/V8/VA/VAA Deauville 06-13 R
VFR800 FiW/FiX/FiY/Fi1/2/3/4/5/A2/A3/A4/A5 98-05 F&R
VFR 800 6/8/9 06-09 R
VFR800 A6/A8/A9 06-13 R
XL 1000 VX/VY/V1/V2 Varadero - Non-ABS Model 99-02 F&R
XL 1000 V3/V4/V5/V6 Varadero Non-ABS 03-06 F&R
XL 1000 V7/V8/V9/VA/VB Varadero - Non-ABS 07-11 R
XL1000 VA4/VA5/VA6/VA7/VA8/VA9/VAA/VAB Varadero ABS 04-11 R
CB1100 SFY/SF1 “XII” 00-04 F&R
CBR1100 XXV/XXW/XXX/XXY/XX1/XX2/XX3/XX4/XX5/XX6 ‘Blackbird’ 97-08 F&R
ST1100 AT/AV/AW/AX/AY/A1/A2 Pan European (ABS) 96-02 F&R
ST 1300 2/3/4/6 Pan European (Non-ABS) 02-07 F&R
S 1300 A2/A3/A4/A6 Pan European (ABS Model) 02-07 F&R
ST 1300 8/9 Pan European (Non-ABS) 08-09 R
ST1300 A8/A9/AA Pan European - ABS Model 08-13 R
GL1800 A1/A2/A3/A4/A5 “Goldwing” 01-05 F
GL 1800 6/7/8/9/A Goldwing 06-13 F
VTX 1800 C2/C3/C4/C15/C16/C17 02-08 F&R
F6B Goldwing 13 R

Vision Street 08-09 F
Vision Tour (All models) 08-12 F
Vision 8 Ball 10-12 F
Arlen Ness Victory Vision 10-12 F



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